Urban Spa in Italy: top ten places to visit

When the winter comes, to swim and dive into the sea become a pale memory. You can no longer spend a day at the beach relaxing. But do not be afraid. If you are in Italy, winter offers you a very good alternative to the sea: the urban spas, located in different Italian towns.

They are specialized wellness centers that will take care for you, balancing your mind and body and kicking anxiety of everyday life to the curb. These facilities are often located in luxury hotels.

In your imagination, you are already there, aren’t you? You imagine yourself in a Turkish bath or spa or in the middle of a massage to get your skin shiny and soft. Do you have no very clear ideas about this world? Here is the top ten spas in Italy, at least in my opinion.

Urban SPA Palace, Imola

The Urban SPA Palace in Imola is an oasis of peace where body and mind care blend to give you the wellness you need. The staff will be able to interpret your needs and to give you serenity with personalized treatments.

Your stay in the Urban SPA Palace in Imola will turn into a sensory experience. The location offers different services. There are programs dedicated to body wellness, to tighten your stomach, your legs and buttocks.

Or you can enjoy a revitalizing eye treatment, an anti-age one or some programs to get rid of cellulite. And you can enjoy all this by using the most advanced products and technologies.

The man is cuddled here, too. There are treatments to fight the ravages of shaving or to cleanse the face. Head massages are provided, too. The spa area is the flagship of this place: you will choose among a Finnish sauna, a Turkish bath, a sunbathing, a sensory tunnel and a massage pool.

Urban spa Palace Imola

A glimpse to Urban Spa Palace Imola

The wellness center also provides treatments for teenagers and Ayurveda lovers. If you want to know more about the prices of Urban Spa Palace Imola, please take a look at the official website.

QC Terme, Turin

And if your urban spa was enclosed in a garden adorned with flowers and fruit trees? Incredible, right? All is possible in Qc Terme wellness center in Turin, located right in the city center.

In the elegant Abegg Palace, you can forget the stress with steam rooms, foot baths, pools and paths connected to the history of the city. In the garden outside, your problems will become a pale memory, while you will immerse yourself in a massage pool with underwater music. Find out more on the www.qcterme.com.

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Messeide Spa, Brindisi

Imagine a spring in the middle of Brindisi town. I’m talking about a place of eternal beauty and wellness. This is what you feel when you walk through the doors of Messeide Spa, the first urban spa of the city. The wellness center offers sauna and Turkish bath, facial and body treatments for all skin types.

messeide spa brindisi

Messeide Spa, Brindisi

The surprises don’t stop here. Ultrasound, laser and exfoliating treatments will wait for you. There are also treatments for pregnant women, which give a sensation of lightness, through gentle methods.

While there, don’t miss the famous rituals: ritual with clay that cleanses and softens the skin of face and body. Then there is the ancient spa tradition of Hammam. What does it mean? A black soap will be sprinkled on your body with a particular glove and your skin will become light and fluffy.

Lefay Resort, Lake Garda

The urban spa Lefay Resort is located near Lake Garda. In this wellness center, you will try the innovative Lefay SPA Method, a wellness method combining features of classical Chinese medicine and Western scientific research.

The goal is to take care of your body. You will begin a journey leading you to a healthy lifestyle. The icing on the cake: the Day Spas, scented and relaxing baths in the Lake. This is the website address: lagodigarda.lefayresorts.com.

Buddha Spa, Brindisi

The Buddha Spa in the heart of Puglia combines advanced techniques and ancient traditions. If you stay at Aleksandr B&B Residence, you will take advantage of convenient proposals for this spa. Do you need any examples? You can choose among facial and body treatments, massages and spa treatments.

Buddha spa Brindisi

The beautiful sauna in the Buddha Urban Spa, Brindisi

You will be spoiled for choice between sauna, Turkish bath, emotional shower, massage pool, ice fountain, Chromotherapy, aromatherapy, music therapy and relaxation area with herbal teas. What are you waiting for? Combine holiday and relaxation, visit the website and book your favorite treatment.

Nun Assisi SPA & Resort, Assisi

We move then to Perugia, in Assisi. In the birthplace of St Francis, there is the Nun Assisi SPA & Resort. Go to this place means both going back to Roman times but also taking care of yourself. How to do this? Through the famous wellness path Nun: 4 halls with different degrees of temperature and humidity.

Other services? Personalized health treatments, heated baths surrounded by pillars of the 1st century AD and other surprises wait for you. Take a look at the spa of Assisi website.

QC Terme, Rome

In QC Terme Rome luxury hotel is hidden an unforgettable urban spa, whose hallmarks are history, nature and wellness. To spend a weekend in the wellness farm is a daydream. In an environment of the past, with skylights, gardens, secret passages and staircases you can choose among many treatments: sauna, whirlpool, sensory tubs, water features, solarium, relaxation area.

qc terme rome

Swimming pool in GC Terme Rome, Urban SPA

Customized massages are also available. Spa is accessible also for non-hotel guests. You can come here even at midnight, for a romantic drink, or to swim in the moonlight. Are you curious? See the official website of this urban spa.

Shiseido SPA, Milan

An urban spa in bustling Milan is what you need to regain some serenity. Between the walls of Gallia Hotel, there is an oasis of wellness which focuses on zen philosophy. What you can enjoy in this urban spa?

To start your wellness treatment, you can try the Aroma Breathing: it consists of some breathing exercises to do blindfolded and with the help of the therapist. With this therapy you can calm both the sound of heartbeats and the impulses to the brain.

What will you feel? A rebirth. As an alternative, you can relax with the Japanese Foot Bathing, a warm rich in aromas foot bath. Do you want to know more? Look at www.shiseidospamilan.com. You will find that there are also unique and perfumed spa treatments.

Blu Mediterraneo SPA, Venice

In Venice, you can forget your problems walking through the gardens or going to one of its famous urban spas. I am talking about Acqua di Parma Blu Mediterraneo SPA. The wellness center is in the Gritti Palace. You will live there all the magic of Mediterranean sea, which is protagonist of the method used in this spa.

Acqua di Parma Blu Mediterraneo SPA, Venice

Acqua di Parma Blu Mediterraneo SPA, Venice – relaxation is here

Here you can choose many treatments to cuddle your mind and body. You can use emotional showers, Turkish baths, saunas and choose the treatment you prefer according to your desires. In addition, the environment is comfortable and elegant: wengè woods, Murano glasses, mosaics and precious marbles are all around. To find out more about the local treatments, visit the website.

Mezzatorre Resort & Spa, Ischia

You will find excellent urban spa in southern Italy, too. This time I want to take you to Ischia Island, to discover the Mezzatorre Resort & Spa. Here you can get beauty treatments, lying on a tanning bed in a sixteenth century tower, surrounded by the sea. The interior, all white, is a hymn to the purity of mind and body. Meanwhile, a slight background music will cuddle you while you let yourself be enchanted by the many proposals of this urban spa.

You can even swim in thermal baths near the sea. In any case, before each service you will be asked to do a medical check-up to customize your programs. Relax with mud therapy and therapy in thermal water. However, wellness offers are numerous, visit www.mezzatorre.it/en and choose the right one for you.

Urban Spa in Italy: your experience

I tried to describe you the essential features of the best urban spa in Italy, from north to south. Places to experience at least once in life to feel a wonderful sensation of rebirth that expands deep in the soul.

If you want to live these places with total relaxation from the beginning to the end of your holiday, I have a suggestion for you: hire our luxury vehicles with private driver and relax even before crossing the gates of the spa. Have you ever visited one? What was your experience? Let’s talk about it in the comments below.


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