Linate closure 2019 : the best solutions to avoid inconveniences

Linate airport will remain closed from 27th July to 27th October 2019 because of runway maintenance works and restyling. Linate planned closure happens in the high season period during which, according to 2018 statistics, we can count up to two million and a half of passengers.

Did you plan a business travel during Linate closure and don’t want to be subjected to any problem or delay? Read this article we will try to give you the best solutions.

These flows will be absorbed above all by Milan Malpensa airport, which is the second Italian airport for traffic volumes, and in part by Bergamo Orio al Serio.

Linate closure 2019

Linate closure highlights some possible criticalities

The flow relocation from Linate to Malpensa shouldn’t cause particular inconveniences for the users, but we consider important to highlight some possible criticalities in order to plan your travel to Milan in the best way:

  • According to our personal experience waiting times for luggage in Malpensa are about of 40/50 minutes, compared to a medium time of 25/30 minutes for Linate
  • Travel times by car from Malpensa to Milan city centre vary from 50 to 60 minutes, while from Linate to Milan city centre are about 20 minutes.
  • Plan your travel carefully since Malpensa airport has got two different terminals  4 kilometers far from each other, linked by a shuttle service.
  • The price of a chauffeured car hire service from Malpensa airport to Milan city is higher than from Linate to the same destination. The quote will depend on the quality offered by limo companies. In the same way the price of a cab changes , but in this case it’s ruled by law.

The best solutions

If you have planned a business or pleasure flight to Milan Linate Airport during its closure we suggest you to pay attention to the following main factors:

  1. Save time using a chauffeured car hire service: the best drivers will know how to welcome you inside the terminal with a nameboard and give you the best assistance to carry your luggage till the booked car
  2. Travel safely with professional drivers constantly informed about traffic and driveability
  3. Travel comfortably with the best cars available on the market and don’t forget to ask for an upgrade to a superior class car, sometimes chauffeured car hire companies use this formula as an essential part of their marketing
  4. Book with great advance in order to have the best offers and above all the best services
    Do you want more?

For the most demanding customers

We offer fast track solutions both for departures and arrivals at Malpensa Airport , which allow to speed a series of procedures in full safety.

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Have you already planned your chauffeured car hire transfer? Inform us about the period and we will give you useful information and quotations.




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