From milano to Davos in Switzerland

How to reach Davos from Milan? In most cases to reach this location in Cantone dei Grigioni (Switzerland) the car is the best solution: it is certainly easier moving in a four-wheel vehicle.

This wonderful ski resort – famous both for winter sports and as a congress centre, for instance for the annual World Economic Forum – is served also by other means of transport.

Flying to Davos from Milan Malpensa Airport

The first option to take into consideration is reaching this location by plane. Never the less, being Davos set in the Alps, it is difficult to imagine the presence of an airport.
For this reason it is necessary for you to change the itinerary : how to fly to Davos from Milan?

Leaving from Malpensa to land to Zurich. The flight duration is about 55 minutes, then you need to reach the city central station, catch the train to Landquart and take the connection to Davos Platz, that is to say the city centre station. (here you can find times and prices).

Each connection lasts about 1 hour and 20 minutes, but to this waiting time you should evaluate an additional wait to handle all of them. In short the time saved travelling by plane is lost to handle trains.

To be read: how to reach Milan Malpensa Airport from the Central Station.

The train from Milan Central Station to Davos in Switzerland

A solution which could be taken into consideration to go to Davos ( which has got a railway station in its centre) : the train. There are no direct connections from Milan Central Station, so you need to do a lot of changes. The faster solution, about 5 hours, consists of a high number of stops:

  • Milano Centrale – Bellinzona
  • Bellinzona – Thusis
  • Tusis – Filisur
  • Filisur – Davos

Would you like a lower number of changes? There is an alternative route, but it is more demanding in terms of hours. You can discover all the details thanks to this Google map : as you can see you have a very limited choice.

Cheap alternative: Milan/Davos by bus

There are several lines which permit to reach Davos centre from Milan by private coaches: low cost solutions which allow you to reduce costs.

However in this case too we are speaking of long routes which take about 6 hours (sometimes 7), since they must follow precise itineraries with several stops.

Probably this is not the best solution if you want to optimize times, even if road transport on the highway can be the best choice. So what is the fast alternative to buses? Go on reading!

How to reach Davos from Milan by car

It has already been said in the previous paragraphs : the best way to travel to Davos, in Switzerland, from Milan is by car, since the time needed is lower and you can plan your itinerary as you prefer.

As you can see from Google map the route to reach this ski resort – seat also of important events like the World Economic Forum – remains under the 4 hours. An interesting time if you think about the passages and changes you must sustain to arrive by train or plane.

Why is it advisable renting a car?

The times to reach Davos from Milan are lower than other solutions, moreover comfort is superior: you can leave directly from home or any hotel in Milan and reach your precise destination; not the bus or railway station, but the hotel where you have booked your holiday or where the congress is taking place.

Moreover you can customize your travel as you prefer defining the times of your return to Milan or the possible trips in the surroundings. Would you like more information? Have a look here.
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