Ciampino Airport to Rome

Ciampino Airport to Rome city center: how to get there

Rome Ciampino Airport is the second international airport of Rome with a passenger traffic of 5.800.000 in 2015. It is dedicated to the airship pilot Giovanni Battista Pastine, who served in World War I. In the past, actually, the structure was a building site where these historic airships were built.

And now, I want to tell you more: it is the base of the fleet of firefighting aircrafts CL 415; also the Italian National Civil Protection is located there.

Ciampino Airport is 15 kilometers far from city center and is located southeast. From this terminal, you can reach the city center in a very simple way: from Ciampino Airport to Rome city center, Termini train station. Here are several solutions that you can take advantage of to get to your destination.

Ciampino airport to Rome by train

To get from Ciampino airport to Rome, you can take regional trains.

From Ciampino to Rome, the first train (FL4 line) leaves at 05.25am and the last one is scheduled at 11.19pm in business days. On holidays and Sundays, the same route is scheduled from 06.11am to 10.26 pm. To reach Rome city center, the train takes about 15/20 minutes. The ticket price is 1.50 euros, you can also buy it online. As an alternative, you can opt for FL6 line from Cassino or Naples. The ticket from Ciampino to Rome city center is 1.50 euros and the train is scheduled every hour.

The first train from Cassino leaves at 5.00 and the last one is at 09.20. Please consider that the train takes about 1.50 hour to get from Cassino to Ciampino. To know the exact time when the train is scheduled to Ciampino, I suggest you consult the site of Italian railways.

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Rome Ciampino Airport to city center by bus

There are many buses from Ciampino Airport to Rome. You can look for Terravison, Schiaffini, Cotral and Sit Bus companies. These buses are outside the Terminal and you can easily find them because of their gaudy colors. The route is a special occasion for a city sightseeing of Rome, the hub of Italy and one of the most wonderful towns in Italy.

Ciampino Airport to Rome

Would you like to get from Ciampino Airport to Rome by bus? You can buy the ticket onboard or online. The price changes based on the company and it is from 4 to 6 euros. The scheduled routes are a lot.

Terravision Buses, for instance, are scheduled from 08.15am to 11.40pm. The route frequency depends on the departure time: from 20 minutes in the morning to 80 minutes in the evening.

Other bus companies are Schiaffini (buses scheduled every 45 minutes) and Cotral with 5 buses a day from Monday to Saturday. You need about an hour to get to the city center. There is also the Sit bus shuttle: the first bus is scheduled at 07.45am, the last one is at 00.15pm. The route takes about 35 minutes.

Taxi from Rome Airport to city center

If you don’t want to take trains or buses from Ciampino airport to Rome, you can choose the taxis. They are white-colored and you can find them outside the terminal. The route has a fixed fee (30.00 euros).

The fee includes up to 4 passengers and their luggage. The way is about 30 minutes without traffic. You can find all the information here or by phone at:

  • Cooperativa Radiotaxi 06 3570
  • Tevere 06 4157
  • La Capitale 06 4994
  • Roma Radio Taxi 06 6445
  • Radiotaxi 06 8822

From Ciampino Airport to Rome Tiburtina

To get from Ciampino Airport to Rome Tiburtina train station, you can choose among all the solutions I have indicated you, with a stopover in Termini train station.

From Tiburtina to Termini train station I suggest you take the metro, line B toTermini. As an alternative, you can take the metro from Tiburtina to Laurentina and then the bus 720.

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Ciampino Airport to Rome: your experience

In this article, I suggested you all the routes to go from Ciampino airport to Rome. If you like, you can turn this route in an extraordinary experience. How to do that?

You can hire our private car rental service with driver.

With your private driver in Rome, you will not have to think about schedules and connections but enjoy only the journey in the eternal city surrounded by all the comforts. Now, what about telling your experience? What is the best connection from Ciampino Airport to Rome city center, according to you?


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