Why is a chauffeured car hire service convenient?

Why is a chauffeured car hire service convenient? Italians choose more and more this kind of service. Why? The rediscovery of essential values such as safety, reliability and exclusivity.

After all, facing a short or a long travel is not only a break to be forgotten in the conviction that the most important thing is the final destination. Surely reaching your destination is fundamental, but it’s important also how you get there. Think about it! What is the sense of dreaming the longed holidays if you have to face a lot of vicissitudes to reach your resort?

Why living anxiously for the connections with the risk of missing a train or a plane? To this it must be added the latent fear for the Covid 19 infection. So the idea of entrusting a private driver of a luxury car becomes a convenient one.

Then you can start relaxing, foretasting the wait for the sea or the mountain without worries. Have you still any doubt? Find out why a chauffeured car hire service is convenient.

Private driver for holidays and business meetings

The advantages of hiring a chauffeured car? Entrust a person who knows the territory and the roads better than himself. He picks you up from your home with punctuality and waits for you at the airport or if you decide to make a stop.

His role is central to manage any accident. Is the motorway blocked or is there much traffic? Don’t be afraid! He will be able to choose the right alternative to reach your hotel or company without hitches.

In other words he is a discreet, but efficient guardian angel who will make the stress of driving only a memory.

Irritability at driving? Relax and concentration

This is why a chauffeured car hire service is convenient: irritability at driving will be a distant memory. You can enjoy your travel. What do I mean? You can read the daily news quietly while you sip some coffee or look at the landscape that goes by under your gaze.

Alternatively you can consult the points of interest you are going to visit or, if you are going to work, you can reply to the first e-mails.

So the travel becomes experience. A moment that contributes to your internal wellness and let you keep under control your concentration without the worry of pressing times and unexpected variables.

Do you want to know other advantages of hiring a chauffeured car service? Go on reading to go into it.

How to solve the parking problem? Book a chauffeured car

The chauffeured car hire service is convenient since you won’t have to go mad to find a free parking. Your driver will take you to the places requested and come back in the times requested.
A call is sufficient to travel again with serenity. At the same time booking a Ncc for short or long routes will relieve you from the problem of searching a fuel station.

The advantages of a private chauffeured car: the price

How much does a chauffeured car hire service cost? It’s not such an expensive service as you can believe. You can customize it according to your needs and possibilities. There are different elements that can influence the price: waiting times for the driver, tolls, itinerary and type of car. However there’s no risk for your wallet.

Why? You will know everything in advance when you book: you will receive your quotation by email regardless the current traffic, red traffic lights and bad weather.

You are surprised, aren’t you? This is why a chauffeured car hire service is convenient : receive clarity and no hidden costs. On board you won’t find something similar to a taximeter.

NCC and Coronavirus : car and device disinfection

Why is a chauffeured car hire service convenient? To protect yourself from Covid-19. Ncc association and Coronavirus become an equivalent of safety and hygiene high standards. The anti-Covid directives of the Ministry of Transport are followed carefully. What about the number of passengers?

You should know that for families no social distance is expected, but it is recommended wearing the filtered mask inside the car and disinfect your hands well with the alchol based gel.

Of course the seat next to the driver must be free. The matter is different for friends: on the rear seats cannot seat more than 2 passengers, wearing the mask and respectful for the social distance.

n the vehicles homologated for 6 or more passengers only two people for each row can seat.

The driver will always wear his mask and gloves and will guarantee the social distance through a divider. On board you will always find a disinfectant gel for your hands.

Besides protection devices and social distance there are some methods for the car sanitation to prevent the diffusion of the new Coronavirus and eradicate possible infections. Among the most efficient and common methods there is the one by ozone, as per the newsletter approved by the Ministry.

Your opinion about a chauffeured car hire service

Why a chauffeured car hire service is convenient? I want to leave you a point to think of if you decide to make this choice. Booking a private luxury chauffeured car means having the chance to choose.

You can book the car you prefer and have the pleasure to travel in the car you have dreamt of, like a Mercedes-Benz or a Bmw. Now it’s up to you. What are the advantages of hiring a chauffeured car?


Walter Carniato

CEO Clab Service srl luxury chauffeur service Worldwide

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