The hard work of a Luxury Sedan

What is a Luxury Sedan?

It is a limousine that, for its features and prestige, occupies a high or very high market segment.
Among the European cars, belong to this category the Audi A8,  BMW7 and the Mercedes S Class.

Generally, they are limousine longer versions than the ones of the same model, about 20/30 cm larger, until we arrive at the Maybach, a Mercedes exclusive model created  already with a jet type trim.

Luxury Sedans are growing increasingly in the chauffeur service market

It is a market becoming more and more prestigious, in which we can find three different quality segments:

  • the basic one with simple sedans
  • the intermediate one with slightly more equipped sedans
  • the last, the luxury segment

The Sedan segment is addressed to those who want a beautiful car, but are surely less pretentious, while the Luxury Sedan is more for a niche market, for those who have specific needs and don’t settle easily.

So, without taking anything away from the quality offered by inferior segments and categories, you’ll be wondering:

What is the hard work of a Luxury Sedan?

I believe the answer will surprise you!

It won’t be a trivial answer, but the result of years of experience, precisely twenty-five years of activity in the limousine service sector.
Well, based on the data collected in years of work, the users of my luxury sedans are and have always been principally businessmen or HNWI (High Net Worth Individuals), that is to say the ones who have an expense possibility of at least five million euros, or the UHNWI (Ultra High Net Worth Individuals) that exceed the twenty million euros.

These users mainly travel with private jets and don’t love to move over 100 kms on road vehicles, except for rare occasions in which doesn’t exist a destination airport near the super luxury hotel or a charme villa (nonetheless, they sometimes use for the final stretches helicopter services directly from the jet landing handling of their final location).
Luxury Sedans are then reserved for small stretches or even to be at disposal only for them or their family at their destination locations.

So, what is the hard work of Luxury Sedans?

Haven’t you already got it?

The one of the Luxury Sedans is, by my own experience, the only segment in the chauffeur service sector, or, like it’s defined in some international markets “limousine service”, in which the luxury cars don’t have to go for miles, but only do hours and hours of waiting often or almost always with the engine switched off, but available for any necessity of the wealthy client.

That said, the hard work of a Luxury Sedan  is very often the trouble to handle waiting times in fantastic locations and “one thousand and one nights”-like mansions. It is not an easy task, it’s not for everybody!

Only drivers with specific skills can handle these peculiar jobs.

A good chauffeur has to:

  • Be responsible
  • Have great behaviour
  • Be a gentleman
  • Have good knowledge of his own qualities, but also limitations
  • Not cheat, knowing how to admit eventual mistakes
  • Learn from his own mistakes
  • Constantly study
  • Be available even for the strangest requests, but in compliance with the law
  • Know how to “professionally” drive, which is different than simply move a car along a road
  • Capture the client’s needs even before he conveys them.

Well, in conclusion

the hard work of a Luxury Sedan is to face the daily challenges that the luxury and extra luxury market will present to the ones called to “ride” these fantastic cars, that only want to be pampered and not exploited grinding kilometres and kilometres!


Walter Carniato

CEO Clab Service srl luxury chauffeur service Worldwide

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