5 good reasons to take part to Men’s Fashion Week in Milan

Taking part to Milan Fashion Week means immersing oneself in what is considered as a reference point for all the news, trends and styles of the forthcoming months. Not by chance this event has been considered for many years as a pillar for enthusiasts and professionals of fashion. However that’s not the only point!

Milan Fashion Week 2020 (from 10th to 14th January) is an event which goes beyond fashion shows and garments: it’s a real social appointment which involves enterprise, business, public relations and culture.

Do you need some more reasons to take part to Milan Fashion Week in 2020? Here you can find a short handbook which helps you to move in the fantastic world of the “made in Italy“ glamour.

Following the fashion shows of the most famous brands

This is surely a turning point you must value with the greatest attention ! The Fashion Week calender is as good as the other international fashion themed appointments.

Here you can find the best Companies which put on the catwalks very important brands, high fashion and pret-a-porter to satisfy all tastes, but also to help dreaming and outlining a new aesthetic solution for the forthcoming months. Well, the reason why you should take part to this event is simple! Here at your hand is the future of style.

In the website cameramoda.it/milano-moda-uomo we have found the event calendar that you can download.

Planning business commitments

Milan is always Milan. That’s why taking part to this fashion event can be the occasion to arrange for company dinners, business lunches, breakfasts and meetings.

Such an appointment draws the attention of a great number of professionals from various fields – both industrial and commercial and the service industry. As a consequence it could be the right occasion to arrange for meetings which would be difficult to organize in other dates and situations. So  how to move?

In these cases it can be useful having not only a taxi service, but a real chauffeured car hire service in Milan that can help you reaching offices, fairs and means of transport. Some advices:

Culture in this big city is waiting for you

culture which has thousand faces. For example Canova’ s ones, which will be exhibited at Glam till 18th February or always these days at Palazzo Reale “50 years of painting and 60 pictures”: a free show about Emilio della Vedova’ s works of the second half of the 18th century.

All this without forgetting the most beautiful churches of Milan, a reference point for the city culture which safeguards one of the most famous works by Leonardo da Vinci: L’ultima Cena, kept in the ex cloister refectory near the shrine of Santa Maria delle Grazie (booking compulsory).

You are in Milan for the fashion week, but this shouldn’t prevent you from admiring the great beauties in the city centre and its surroundings.

Let’s say it! It’s almost impossible remembering in few passages all that you can admire in the Lombard administrative center, but surely there are some places which deserve at least a visit!

For example Piazza Duomo which encloses in its four sides a series of unforgettable marvels such as Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II and Palazzo Reale.

Taking advantage of discovering Milan cooking

Remember that culture has thousand faces: not only artistic, but also culinary! That’s why you could be interested in the best Milan restaurants to combine the discovery of art with typical food and wine.

Some examples to write down in your agenda? Here are the best recipes:

  • Risotto alla milanese
  • Insalata di nervetti
  • Cotoletta and ossobuco
  • Cassoeula milanese

Then there’s the Panettone: just before the Men’s Milan Fashion Week you can find excellent tastings of this dessert. What are the best districts where you can taste these recipes? In the city centre you can find excellent restaurants with famous chefs, but if you want to breath the atmosphere of a magic Milan there is only one area where going to: the Navigli.

A big shopping tour in Milan

Why don’t you combine both things? You are in Milan for the men’s fashion week 2020 and take advantage to renovate your wardrobe. Of course you don’t have to wait for the winter Fashion Week to get this chance, but the atmosphere stimulates the interest and there is a high excitement in the air.

The Milanese city becomes magic in these occasions and the shop windows of the fashion quadrilateral – Via Manzoni, Via Monte Napoleone, Via delle Spiga and Via Sant’Andrea – seem to shine of a new light. In these cases it’s impossibile to resist to a well organized shopping tour.

Remember that to do shopping you can also go out of the city centre to reach the outlets of  Vicolungo or Serravalle: here the offer is pratically infinite, prices are very interesting and you can get the chance to plan an outdoor trip.

Planning transports in Milan with Clab Service

This is an appointment you cannot miss: Milan Fashion Week is nearby and you must find a solution to organize transport in the best way to reach your hotel, airport or railway station. Why should you limit your experience in Milan when you can book a luxury private car?


Walter Carniato

CEO Clab Service srl luxury chauffeur service Worldwide

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