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Florentine steak: the best places to taste it in Tuscany

Florentine steak is one of the most famous products of Tuscany and is a cut of local veal or beef. It is grilled and cooked until it is just rare. Its name comes the Medici family and their celebrations of San Lorenzo. On that occasion some English knights saw the meat roasting on the bonfires and pointed at it with the expression beef steak.

According to another version, however, the Florentine steak would be born in the early nineteenth century – when Florence was an important hub for trade – and two English merchants called the veal with the name of beef steak : “Bif stec” = steak (bistecca in Italian language). Its history, as you can see, is as intriguing as its taste: intense but soft. How about finding out where to eat Florentine steak in Tuscany?

Eating Florentine steak in Val di Chiana

Val di Chiana extends between Tuscany and Umbria for over 1200 kilometers of plains and rolling hills. This territory surrounded by greenery is famous for Chianina, a white-haired cattle breed from which the Florentine steak is obtained. Precisely, the Chianina is bred in Barberino del Mugello, Sinalunga and in the other municipalities of the Val di Chiana and it feeds on the genuine forages of these lands. For this reason, its meat is lean and low in fat.

The Florentine steak is obtained from the loin. The cut occurs actually at the lumbar vertebrae, so that in the middle of the steak you will find the characteristic T- bone that divides the filet from the sirloin. So, among the countryside of Cortona, Chiusi, Montepulciano you can rediscover the flavors of the past. Now, however, I want to suggest where to eat Florentine steak in Tuscany, or better in Val di Chiana.

Osteria Acquacheta

The Osteria Acquacheta (Acquacheta Tavern) is one of the best tavern in Montepulciano – here the quality steak is the queen of the table – and is located in the city center. It opens its doors to the guests in an informal manner. You will feel at home and the fact that there is not enough room will only be a plus to make new friends.

You will find an essential symposium as in the style of taverns. And a look will be enough to recognize the loyal customers waiting for their Florentine steak.

The open kitchen, the shared tables, the wood oven, a large stump on which the loin is laid down, and the innkeeper who cuts meat and sausages in front of your eyes. All this will create a rustic atmosphere that you will appreciate. And you think, you can even bring your favorite wine to drink together with the steak.

Da Roberto

Da Roberto is a tavern built in an ancient stable. It is located in the charming medieval village of Montisi, a hamlet of San Giovanni d’Asso. Also in this case, the appearance is simple but warm, typical of a tavern. Going to Roberto, to eat the Florentine steak in Val di Chiana, is a great choice.

Above all if you care about the quality of the food. Because this is what you will find: great care for what you are going to eat. Even the preparation of the course you want to order will be explained to you. Chianina, of course, is the main course. But try also the chianina ragout and chianina meatloaf.

Best Florentine steak in Barberino di Mugello

Let’s continue our journey in taste. I still have some advice to give you on where to eat Florentine steak in Tuscany. Go to Barberino di Mugello, an ancient medieval village halfway between Florence and Bologna, near the exit of the Autostrada del Sole. The destination that will make you happy is only one: Cosimo de’Medici Restaurant.

Cosimo de’Medici Restaurant

Here you will taste all the best of cuisine in Tuscany: fresh pasta, pappardelle with hare and wild boar, noodles with prugnolo and tortelli with potato. And the Florentine steak that made the place famous.

Even mushrooms are protagonists, typical of the place, they are always fresh. Succulent details: as soon as you enter, you will be offered an exquisite flat bread and Florentine steak. The meat is cooked directly in the dish they will offer you, therefore it will be very hot. You made your mouth water, didn’t you?

Osteria del Cavallino Bianco

An unmissable stop in the center of Barberino is the Osteria del Cavallino Bianco (Cavallino Bianco tavern). Before becoming one of the main places to eat Florentine steak in Tuscany, it was a post office where travelers, who passed between Florence and Bologna, stop to get some rest before going through the Tosco Emiliano Apennines.

As soon as you have the menu in your hands, you will know exactly what you will eat: “Steaks, game and Tuscan cuisine”. And so the parade of flavors begins, you can choose between: pasta and beans, potato ravioli in Mugellana style, game ragout and fried coccoli. Florentine steak is always present.

Where to eat Florentine steak at a good price

We think Florentine steak in Tuscany is almost a duty. But how to blend quality and good price, especially if it is fine meat? Here are two alternatives where you can eat a very tasty steak and spend a little.

Da Tulio

Fiesole hosts this house of flavors where Florentine steak is a guarantee. You can choose it right away. And the portions will be copious. Don’t forget to try also the pepper fillet and the desserts. Here the Florentine steak is very cheap: you will pay between € 40 and € 50 per person, including appetizer and dessert.

La Capponcina

La Capponcina is located in Settignano. In this restaurant – also ideal also for person who suffers from celiac disease and vegetarians – the Florentine speak costs € 4.50 per Hg and is of Fassona Piedmontese cattle breed. For the sweet tooth there is also a Chianina burger and a buffalo fillet with Colonnata lard.

Florentine steak: best restaurants in Florence, Italy

Best ‘bistecca fiorentina’ in Florence? The Tuscan capital is an excellent destination to taste it, in the homeland of Chianina. But not all locations are the same, so, where to eat Florentine steak in Florence? Here are some of the best restaurants that will satisfy the most refined tastes.

An excellent restaurant is the Trattoria dall’Oste. It has opened since 1979 and it is located in front of Santa Maria Novella train station. It offers different types of meat: from Chianina to Scottona to Kobe-type Wagyu. In particular, Chianina steak is guaranteed by the PGI brand.

Perseus is another very famous restaurant in Florence city centre. Popular among Florentines, it is a short distance from Piazza della Libertà. Of course, there is meat on the menu, but it is not all, because the desserts and the first course are very tasty, too.

Buca Lapi is located in Via Tornabuoni. The Florentine steak is the main course of this place, comfortable and traditional in the furnishings and in the courses. But let’s move out of the city of Dante Alighieri to discover other restaurants where to eat Florentine steak in Tuscany.

Trattoria da Benito in Orentano (PI)

Now we go out of Florence, to Orentano in the province of Pisa. In Via Martiri della Libertà, the Trattoria da Benito is famous for meat and for the quality of its dishes.

Here the Florentine is cooked according to tradition. But not only. You can also eat wood oven pizza. On the menu there are all the typical dishes of the area. In short, the Trattoria da Benito is ideal for dinner parties. The place is very popular and it is advisable to book by phone.

Ancient Cecchini butchery in Panzano

In the province of Florence, specifically in Panzano in Chianti, we find this little gem of Tuscan gastronomy. The owner, Dario Cecchini, chooses only great quality products and is famous for his conviviality. Here the customers feel at home, and they can enjoy directly the specialties of the butcher’s shop. Little gem of this place: there is also the vegetarian menu.

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Where to eat Florentine steak in Tuscany?

In this article I gave you some advice on where to eat Florentine steak in Tuscany. You can reach these temples of taste in a very special way: comfortable and unhurried. Renting our car service in Tuscany and requesting a private driver. Combine good flavors with the pleasure of traveling. Now it’s up to you. Where do you suggest eating Florentine steak in Tuscany? I’ll wait for you in the comments.


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