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Chauffeur service for short routes: this is why you should choose it

The health emergency for COVID-19 has changed our habits. We go out wearing gloves and masks and we have to respect a minimum distance of 1 metre among people to avoid Covid transmission, but it’s not all! Today choosing a chauffeur service for short distances has become very important.

The necessity of avoiding the crowd on public means of transport has given the car a primary role to move safer and also those people who haven’t an own car now choose for it.

How? Rent a chauffeured car for short routes inside your city. You need just a booking to go to your company, to the bank or to the pharmacy. In few minutes a private driver will take you there.

Are you considering this opportunity? What about discovering the advantages of a chauffeured car hire service for short distances? It seems that this trend is meant for reinforcing during the second phase of the current pandemic. According to Wired pages: 

“We can expect also in Italy a significant increase in the use of the private car and of the car sharing. With an average distance inferior to 8 kilometres, for the car sharing the next challenge will be trying bicycles, motor-scooters and push scooters”. 

Safe travels: car sanification

Travelling with a luxury chauffeur service for short routes means aiming for high safety standards and cabin hygiene. The driver is equipped with all the protection devices provided for by law: mask and gloves.

Moreover the presence on board of the hand disinfectant gel and the dividers between the driver and the passengers reduce to the lowest terms the probability of the SARS-CoV 2 transmission.

And in case of more than one passenger? In this case you can ask for bigger vehicles to guarantee the social distance on the rear seats. The Ministry of Transport’s guidelines are clear:

“Concerning all the transport services not scheduled, besides the general previsions for all the public transport ones, we must above all prevent that the passenger sits next to the driver”

Besides your personal protection, we guarantee the cabin sanification by procedures which aim to destroy the virus and other harmful agents. At the end of each service and day we make a car sanification using the ozone as per the newsletter approved by the Ministry of Health of 31/07/96.

Prevent the Coronavirus, go to work trouble-free

Why choosing a chauffeur service for short routes? To start your day trouble-free and go to your office. Do you know what it means? That you can focus your attention only on the tasks you are expecting. Have you booked a chauffeured car hire service to go to work?
Your only thought during your travel will be meeting customers and colleagues. You wont’ have to start your day worrying about being blocked in traffic. Or worse, not being able to find a parking.
To this end, and above all in this coexistence period with COVID-19 the chauffeured car hire companies have decided to simplify short transfers in the best possible way.
How? Making shuttles availbale for the employees. We are speaking of minibuses, vans and buses which will pick them up and will take them back at return.

The driver reduces to the lowest terms accidents and delays

Another advantage of a chauffeur service for short transfers? You can rely on a private driver. Don’t be scared of this figure: even if for few kilometres he will become your anchor.
The reasons? He picks you up at home, he knows the territory very well and which roads to choose to reach quickly your destination, without any interest in extending the route and the danger of being blocked in traffic.
Moreover having a private chauffeur means relying on a person ready to perform different routes in the same day and at any time. This way the punctuality is always guaranteed and in case of an accident you will always have an alternative.
Shall you go to the post office or to the hospital for a blood sample? Don’t be afraid, your driver will wait for you if you want and you won’t be obliged to interrupt the service.

Chauffeur service for short routes: choose the car you wish

Here is another advantage of the chauffeur service for short routes: the possibility to choose a car according to your tastes and needs. On the other hand why don’t transform your car travel into a relax moment? Maybe listening to the classic music, sipping a drink and reading the current news.

The driver will think of all the rest, you will only see the vehicle as a comfortable oasis meant for your wellness, with the awareness of amzing if you are going to a business meeting.
Don’t forget that a beautiful car, besides being a vehicle to move, is a status: a BMW or a Mercedes-Benz are synomynous of determination and professionalism.

How much does a chauffeured car hire service cost?

I already know what you are thinking of: “ It’s true that the advantages of a chauffeur service are evident, but it is  an expensive service.”
It is not true, prices are conformed to all budgets
There are different factors that can affect the final amount:  the distance to travel, the extra waiting time for driver, tolls, the type of vehicle. In every case you can know the costs to bear in advance.
Read also: how to choose a car rental, Clab Service’s advices.

NCC for short routes: travel safe

With a chauffeur service for short transfers you can benefit from a 24 hour service even on holidays. Moreover, you guarantee your right of personal moving defending yourself from the risk of Covid – 19 infection. What are you waiting for? Book our chauffeured car hire service. Do you need further explanations and informaiton?



Walter Carniato

CEO Clab Service srl luxury chauffeur service Worldwide

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