Reaching Portofino by car, leaving from Genoa

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With Clab Service you can book your itinerary by car to reach Portofino, the reference place for the international jet set, leaving from Genoa. That is to say the Ligurian city that concentrates the dreams of those people who love the sea and the romantic and timeless atmospheres of a city overlooking the Mediterranean.

da genova a portofino

The transfer from Genoa to Portofino starts exactly from the city where Cristoforo Colombo was born. According to tradition Clab Service can plan your travel as you prefer and you can choose to visit Genoa before leaving. Maybe you can have a look at San Lorenzo Cathedral or at the Doge’s Palace, the former palace of Genoa Republic governors. Do you prefer leaving immediately? No problem, welcome to Portofino!

Visit in Portofino

Portofino is a bay with a small natural wharf, but this is not the only feature which makes this place so memorable: around it there is a rich wood of Mediterranean vegetation and the village is full of history and beauty. As a matter of fact in the past Portofino was a Phoenician harbour, later conquered by Rome and by Genoa Republic.

Nowadays Portofino is a cultural meeting point, rather than a touristic one. This place has been the buen retiro for writers and philosophers like Nietzsche and Maupassant. Once reached its centre you can ask your driver for taking you to the hotel or going on with your tour on foot.

Portofino. A small village which stretches out as half moon around this calm basin – Guy de Maupassant

What can you see? Your trip in Portofino will include Santa Maria Assunta’s oratory, from which you can admire the traditional Christ: a big crucifix particularly special for the inhabitants during religious ceremonies. Moreover there is the parish Church of Saint Martin, in the most ancient village of Portofino, which deserves your attention.

In addition you can visit Saint George Church, at the top of the promontory, from which you can enjoy a wonderful panorama. Here you can reach on foot the lighthouse, crossing the regional park till a quiet terrace where you can admire the Gulf of Tigullio. Don’t forget that Portofino is included in the natural regional park with the same name and in the protected marine area

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What does the transfer from Genoa to Portofino include?

You’ll have at disposal a professional driver, water on board, assistance and car insurances according to the Italian laws. Restaurant bookings, touristic guides and museum entrances are excluded. But do you know which is Clab Service’ strength? On specific request we can deal with everything you need.

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