Excursions from Civitavecchia to Rome by car

On holiday in the Eternal City in a luxury car.

You have booked your holiday on a cruise and you have reached Rome. Rather, Civitavecchia. Here in fact dock those ships gifting dreams to all the sailors who decide to cut through the sea by these real floating cities. So, once you are on the ground, what are you going to do? You can content with organised trips, otherwise you can imagine and create your own itinerary together with our drivers. Here is a chauffeured car hire service in Rome which can make the difference.

noleggio auto con conducente a roma

Differently from other Italian cities, hiring a car with driver in Rome is really a good idea, because distances among places of interest are considerable.
For instance, reaching Vatican and the Colosseum can be very difficult when there are a lot of tourists in the area. The same happens if you want to reach the Pantheon and Trastevere. That’s why our drivers can make the difference!

A tour to discover Rome

Our aim is simple : helping you to personalize your stay in Rome with departure and arrival in Civitavecchia. You have just disembarked , now you should get in our car, waiting for you, at the port, in order to have all the time to visit Rome. We can plan your visit as you prefer, there are no limits. Even if the most demanded is the one which allows you to see the symbolic places of this city.

From which location can we start our tour? Obviously from the Trevi Fountain, work of art made famous by the movie “ La Dolce Vita” by Fellini: this masterpiece was started in 1732 by Nicola Salvi and inaugurated in 1762. Nowadays it lets stunned every person who arrives in the widening which surrounds it. The trip continues towards Chigi Palace,the official residence of the Prime Minister of the Italian Republic in Colonna Square. The name derives from Emperor Marco Aurelio’s column ,which is located in the middle of this area.

At this point it’s very easy to reach the Pantheon, built by Emperor Adrian in the II century after Christ and then Piazza Navona, which has replaced Emperor Domiziano’s ancient stadium. Here gazes are only for the Fountain of the Four Rivers, a masterpiece by Bernini which remains in the hearts like a city postcard.

noleggio auto roma

You can decide how long to stay in each single place and model the trip according to your passions. For example, do you love ancient Rome? We will take you to the areas where you can breathe the great history: the Emperial Fora, the Colosseum, the Circus Maximus and all the museum of the capital. Do you prefer visiting the temple of Christian Religion? We can take you to St. Peter’s Basilica including a visit to the Vatican Museums. It’s you that decide what to see when you choose Clab Service.

Shopping tour in the Capital

Arriving to Rome from a cruise trip doesn’t mean only dropping in among the works of art: you can take advantage of this solution to do shopping as well, to see the most important shops. Which is the itinerary suggested by Clab Service and our drivers?

You can programme the arrival, but we generally leave from the Spanish Steps, one of the favourite locations from which starting the tour. From there you can easily reach Via Condotti, where you can find such shops as Hermes, Bulgari, Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Brioni, Modigliani, Atelier Battistoni and other famous fashion brands.

Other desired destinations for shopping lovers? There are Via Borgogna, Via Bocca di Leone, Via Tomacelli, Via Mario dei Fiori, Via Gregoriana and Via del Babbuino. Moreover, if you prefer the outlet world, we can take you, for example, to Castel Romano Designer where you can find everything you are dreaming of.

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What does the trip for cruises in Rome include?

When you reach Civitavecchia by cruise and want to visit Rome with Clab Service you have at disposal a professional driver, water, assistance and car insurance. Bookings, museum tickets and touristic guides are excluded. On request, however, we can deal with every single detail: we love cuddling our clients!

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