Chauffeured car hire services in Taormina including Sicilian itineraries

From Taormina to Catania and Messina : all the excursions.

When you arrive in a city like Taormina you have got only a wish : admiring the beauty of this land. It’s impossible in fact to be indifferent to Sicily fascination, so you need a car which helps you in your movements and a local guide to obtain useful information. Here is Clab Service that can give you a concrete help.

We organize tours and excursions in Taormina to visit the city and its surroundings, but also to see other centres like Messina and Catania, maybe reaching even Palermo. Practically we can establish everything, you must only choose how and where you want to arrive. Here is a foretaste of the itineraries we have thought for you: let’s start just from Taormina.

Taormina tour by car

Taormina is surely one of the most important Sicilian destinations when we speak of tourism. The reason is simple: this location succeeds in concentrating historical monuments, natural beauties and a good cooking. It has been famous since the ancient times: for instance it was the favourite destination of the Grand Tour, that travel so dear to the European aristocrats of the past.

Nowadays Taormina appears as an art wealth , a location that must be slowly discovered, in no hurry. Among the monuments to see absolutely, you can find the Dome, the Anglican Church of Saint George, the Domus San Pancrazio, Palazzo Corvaja, the Villa Comunale and one of the most beautiful places in Sicily : the Ancient Theatre, a proof of the passage of the Greek culture in Taormina. You cannot miss then the view with Isola Bella in the background!

taormina noleggio auto ncc

The city of Taormina is perfect also if you prefer a holiday characterized by nature, sea and relax. By a Clab Service’s luxury car you can connect the different souls of this location. Anyway you can also take advantage of this convenience to discover other places in the surroundings and reach them.

Outings in Savoca and Forza d’Agrò

One of the most popular tours is the one which embraces the small villages near Taormina. One of the first stops, for example, is Giardini Naxos, a district very near to it, with its famous Nike of Kalkis. After that there’s another village that everyone knows: Savoca, a centre located about 30 kilometres from Taormina which has remained suspended over time.

Coming to Savoca is like jumping back into the past, so as into an old film. Here, as a matter of fact, was shot Il Padrino: you can taste a lemon water ice at the coffee bar “ Vitelli” and visit the Church of Santa Lucia where the wedding scene between Apollonia and Michael was shot. From Savoca then, it’s easy to reach Forza d’Agrò, a delicious village which still preserves its medieval structure.

Day trip on the Mount Etna

From Taormina it’s easy to plan a day trip on the Mount Etna, the big volcano on the east coast of Sicily. Rather, it’s simple if you have at disposal a professional driver like those who accompany our bookings. We can leave from Taormina when you prefer and reach Mount Etna through an itinerary which touches different villages around the volcano.

For instance there will be a stop in Zafferana Etnea, with a visit to the Church of Santa Maria della Provvidenza. Along the route you will see some lava flows: we have almost reached our destination. Once arrived at 2000 metres of elevation you will admire a breath-taking view and have a walk on the craters dated 1892, enjoying the last lava flows.

Escursione sull’Etna

The excursion on Mount Etna, however, doesn’t make happy only trekking and nature lovers : good local cooking is waiting for you too. During the trip, in fact, there will be a visit to a local farm where you’ll taste local wine, orange, strawberry, eucalyptus and lemon- flavoured honey, almond sweets, olives and extra virgin olive oil. You will also stop at Murgo winery of San Michele which looks onto the sea and the volcano.

From Taormina to Cefalù by car

With Clab Service you don’t have to be necessarily content with Taormina’ surroundings. You can also get to more distant destinations like Catania and Siracusa , if you prefer going southwards,or Messina, northwards. From this point you can continue on the northern side of Sicily, stop in Tindari to admire the statue of the Black Virgin Mary, till Cefalù.

Cefalù is a place telling the ancientest soul of Sicily. Its most important monument is the Dome, which was built in 1131 aC and has been for long the most prestigious religious seat on the island. Very interesting is also the Mandralisca Museum which is located in the ancient residence of Baron Enrico Piraino.

Other Clab Service’s itineraries

Trips in Taormina : what does the service include?

When you book a travel to Taormina with Clab Service, you are purchasing a luxury service.
The price includes: insurance, water, assistance, professional driver: our trips are thought to satisfy your wishes. However they don’t contemplate all the optional, such as restaurant bookings, museum tickets and tourist guides: they can be asked for apart.

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