Priceless Service, renting outside the box

For those who want to customize everything. Absolutely everything.

You’ll have always a luxury car at your disposal with Clab Service. But not only that. The options that you can choose from are many, it is always a top-class travel experience. However you can get something better. You can have a service that goes beyond the ordinary rates.

Priceless, as we called this service. It is an idea more than a service, a philosophy, a way to distinguish the classic trip from a unique experience. The idea is simple: to customize everything. We do not set limits, there are no boundaries.

You can choose the music on a transfer service or a business trip, request a bunch of flowers on board, you can ask for Wi-Fi. The Priceless service goes beyond all of this, beyond what you can and cannot ask, you have free rein and can customize your transfer as you like. From the choice of the car to the selection of the driver, down to the most important details.

Do not look at the car fleet, the lists of facilities on offer is not for you. Priceless does not have a defined budget, if you want more for your trip the price will be confidential. Contact us, we will plan a trip tailored to fit your desires.

Priceless Service, renting outside the box