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Bellagio, Lake Como: best things to do

Are you in Como for work or holiday and want to relax in one of the gems set amongst the lovely shores of its lake? A must-see is the village of Bellagio, which will surprise you with its panoramic views and its romantic alleys, perched on picturesque stairs. Let’s find out what to see in Bellagio Lake Como for an exciting and unforgettable trip.

What to see in Bellagio

If you love the cultural itineraries, for a truly amazing tour of Bellagio, immerse yourself in its historical and architectural treasures.

On the lake shore you can admire the secular splendor of Villa Melzi d’Eril and Villa Serbelloni, two noble houses in Bellagio surrounded by lush, quiet parks and gardens. Two oasis of ancient times, where you can spend some relaxing hours, strolling among valuable works of art.

Are you a religious architecture lover and would you like to enjoy a tour between aisles, apses and mosaics of the Bellagio churches? Do not miss St. James’s Basilica, a true jewel of Romanesque art with eighteenth-century details. To admire paintings on canvas coming from 1500, instead, make a stop in the Church of Santa Maria Annunciata in Breno.

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Things to do in Bellagio, Lake Como

Due to its position on Lake Como, Bellagio enjoys a mild, temperate climate, never too hot in summer and never too cold in winter. This makes your stay pleasant in any season of the year, especially for your day trip to the Bellagio and to the historic center of the hamlet.

Just the historic center of Bellagio is worth a walk if you want to spend a few hours in a romantic and picturesque atmosphere, among narrow streets and alleys full of local craft shops.

If you are looking for something typical of historic center of Bellagio, just have a look at its stairways, which lead you up from the shore of the lake to the old village. By climbing the cobblestone stairs of the historic center, you will encounter a lot of exclusive shops and small, renowned shops, while enjoying a sparkling of flower-filled balconies.

Best shopping in Bellagio Italy

Walking in the historic center of Bellagio, above all on Salita Mella and Salita Serbelloni, you will be enchanted by the luxury shops and artisans, who are real artists. If you’re thinking of a holiday on Lake Como or a few hours tour, shopping in Bellagio will be an experience in the experience.

Scarfs made of fine fabrics, ties, leather products such as shoes and handbags, thousands of colors of glass furnishings: everything in Bellagio shops is related to tradition.

It is in the small and refined Old Town of Bellagio that you can find exclusive products created for hand made, rare and unique design lovers. Why don’t you think about it, if you are always looking for precious objects and artifacts?

Lake Como boat tours in Bellagio

For a day trip to Lake Como and Bellagio a boat tour or a small cruise on the Lake could be ideal. You can choose, for example, a boat trip from Bellagio to Como or, if you are very demanding, a personalized boat trip with stops at the most beautiful villas of Bellagio.

For adventure lovers a trip to Bellagio in kayak is perfect. Those who have experienced this unique experience say that sailing Lake Como in kayaking is really a superb occasion. An amazing way to discover the most hidden corners of Bellagio, from a different perspective than usual. Try it, if you’re an adventurer!

Where to eat in Bellagio Italy

Do you just need other info on what to see in Bellagio? Well, after a long walk it’s time to eat something good and enjoy so many unique tastes with a lake view lunch or dinner. Eating well in Bellagio Lake Como is actually very easy. You just have to know how to choose the best restaurants in Bellagio, among the finest ones.

Alle Darsene di Loppia Restaurant

This restaurant is in the Loppia hamlet and, besides offering you a fabulous location, you will delight with meat and fish dishes of very high level. From its lake terrace, you can enjoy superb sea, lake and land menus, while drinking excellent wines. Of course, the courses for vegetarians and for people who suffer from celiac diseases are guaranteed.

Mistral Restaurant

For a romantic dinner in Bellagio, with fabulous views over the lake, Mistral Restaurant is perfect. Healthy cuisine, great selection of champagne, refined furnishings in the lounge and privacy guaranteed by the distance between the tables, will make your tête-a-tête a magic and true gourmand encounter.

Salice Blu Restaurant

For a high-quality dining experience, even if it’s your business lunch in Bellagio, the Blue Salice will satisfy you with traditional rustic food and its always impeccable service. This restaurant is also indicated for an intimate dinner, based on lake fish.

How to get to Bellagio

It is time to talk about how to get to Bellagio from Milan or from Como. You are next to one of the most beautiful places in Italy and now you have to reach its banks. You have different options to get to the Pearl of the Lake Como, Bellagio.

Ferries from Lake Como to Bellagio

So, how to get from Lake Como to Bellagio? If you want to get to Bellagio from Lecco, just reach Varenna and here you will sail by ferry to Bellagio or by boat or hydrofoil. The first route is at 11.35 am, the last one at 2.25 pm, with intervals ranging from 30 to 55 minutes. Therefore, be aware to consider these waiting times between one route and the other.

If you want to get to Bellagio from Como, you can reach Tremezzo or Cadenabbia and take hydrofoils or ferries to Bellagio. Departures are expected every 30 minutes.

Transfer from Milan to Bellagio by taxi

Do you want to know how to get to Bellagio from Milan airport or Milan Central Station? You can choose to take a private taxi from Milan Malpensa Airport to Bellagio (1 hour and 20 minutes) or a taxi from Linate Airport to Bellagio (1 hour and 45 minutes).

The transfer time from Lugano Airport to Bellagio is 1 hour and 20 plus the ferry time. Otherwise, if you want to get from Milan Central Station to Bellagio by taxi cabs, you have to consider one hour and a half.

Public transport from Milan to Bellagio

Another option to get to Bellagio is to use public transport. There are trains and buses, but they force you to wait a lot and often with exhausting changes. Maybe it’s not the right solution for you. Since you are looking for a fast, personalized, fast-moving vehicle that will give you absolute comfort and a luxurious and exclusive travel experience to Bellagio.

So, do you want to plan an exclusive excursion and would you prefer to move with all the amenities? A professional transfer service with private driver to Bellagio is most appropriate for you. Don’t you think?

Tour to Bellagio with luxury private vehicles

To get to Bellagio by car in a comfortable way, you can choose to hire a luxury private vehicle with private driver. For a business or pleasure trip, such a service offers you:

  • To save time, avoiding waiting or queues.
  • A fully equipped vehicle at your complete disposal, from your starting place to return.
  • An exclusive transfer, with impeccable and expert drivers.
  • A replacement car in case of damages or problems.
  • Every kind of comfort, including WiFi and Bluetooth.

Are you thinking of a trip to Bellagio? Do you want to plan a few days of relaxation, art, culture and landscape on Lake Como shores? Book now your car and get to Bellagio on a luxury car with private driver.

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