Italy Christmas markets

Italy Christmas Markets 2017

Dreamlike atmospheres, colored lights, the smell of spices and sweets, and many, many ideas for Christmas gifts. These are the Italy Christmas markets, which every year fill villages and cities from north to south of Italy with life and magic. And that are as beautiful as the famous German and Austrian markets.

So, why this year you do not plan a whole weekend to stroll through stands, to taste local delicacies and to dive into enchanted scenarios? Think about it. It could be one of the most unforgettable experiences of your life. Romantic, dreamlike and astonishing at the same time.

Meanwhile, we show you the most beautiful Christmas markets in Italy in 2017. The unmissable ones. Those that while you are there, you do not want to go home anymore.

Christmas markets in Trentino

It is impossible to resist the charm of Christmas markets in Trentino, which are surely among the best Italian Christmas markets. Here actually are set up some of the most picturesque and followed fairs. Let’s see them in the details.

Here you can find the gift you have looked for a while, the gift that nobody succeeds in wrapping in the right way. And then remember that the Christmas markets in Trentino (as well as those throughout Italy) have a truly magical atmosphere. Impossible to forget. Especially for those who have chosen this region for their holidays. Indeed, this is one of the most sought-after destinations. Read more:  Italian ski resorts, top 7 destinations

Trento Christmas market

There are two locations for one of the Christmas markets most awaited by tourists and locals: Piazza Fiera and Piazza Cesare Battisti. In the presence of the Dolomites, the 2017 edition is the XXVI edition of Trento Christmas market, where adults and children can enjoy shopping, relaxation and entertainment in a fantastic scenario. 90 little houses for exhibitors, a triumph of home decorations and wooden sculptures.

And, moreover, creative workshops for children, while the adults get warm with mulled wine, Bretzel bread, all kinds of sweets and the sound of Christmas melodies. How can you miss one of the most enchanting Christmas markets in Italy? To comfort the heart, calm the spirit and revive you with curiosity, it is the perfect Christmas market. Opening times: from 18 November 2017 to 6 January 2018 (closed on 25 December).

The Christmas market of Vipiteno

The Alps, the Tower of the Twelve, the facades of the buildings dressed up with traditional Italian Christmas ornaments are the setting for one of the most fabulous Christmas markets in Italy.

Here we are in the market of Vipiteno, a small town in the north of Trentino, a destination for all traditional Christmas lovers. All in the main square, the wooden houses welcome you with beautiful handicrafts and typical sweets.

Christmas markets

The magical atmosphere of Italy Christmas markets.

In a medieval atmosphere, adorned with a thousand sparkling lights, that of Vipiteno is one of the Christmas markets in Italy that will enchant you. With the presence of the snow, you will have the feeling to live a dream. Opening times: from 24 November 2017 to 6 January.

Bolzano Christmas market: all the magic of Christkindlmarkt

Christkindlmarkt is the name of the Christmas market of Bolzano, with has 80 wooden houses. And if it is true that only here Tyrolean culture and Mediterranean spirit come together in a single hug, do not miss the chance to go there.

Among lighted up trees, the perfume of Strudel, enchanting lanes and Christmas music that touch the air, each step will be an amazing discovery. To breathe the true essence of Christmas, the market of Bolzano has no equal. Opening time: from 24 November 2017 to 6 January 2018.

Brunico: original gilt for the little ones

Where to buy original gifts for Christmas? In Brunico Christmas market you can find some special kinds. Wooden toys, Christmas tree ornaments, alpine handicrafts, local gastronomy and much more.

This year, let yourself be enchanted by the streets of the historic center of Brunico, all dressed up for Christmas. With the biting air, scented with orange punch and gingerbread.

The carousels and the miniature trains. The medieval buildings shining with hundreds of sparkling lights. The Christmas atmosphere, you can only breathe in Brunico. This year, take some time to spend a fabulous day or weekend there. Brunico is waiting for you! Opening times: from 24 November 2017 to 6 January 2018.

Christmas in Umbria

Christmas markets in Italy are not only in Trentino and in the north. Even the central part of Italy boasts very special Christmas fairs. The best ones: the Christmas markets of Perugia and Gubbio.

Perugia and the underground Christmas markets

Elves, gnomes, fairy-tale characters and lots of local crafts (even recycling) await you in one of the most special Christmas markets in Italy. Opening times: from 8 December 2017 to 7 January 2018.

Only in Perugia, in fact, you can dive into the Christmas atmosphere by browsing the stalls of an underground market, hosted at the Rocca Paolina, a medieval fortress of XVI century.

Christmas markets

What do you prefer? Christmas markets are special!

In the rooms of this historic place, you can admire and buy textiles, Bijoux, Christmas decorations. And taste Perugian gastronomic specialties, both sweet and salty. Many creative workshops for adults and children, while, on the weekend, many charming theatrical performances take place.

The biggest Christmas tree ever in Gubbio

The atmosphere of Gubbio at Christmas time is unique. Here actually there is not only one of the most enchanting Christmas markets in Italy. There is also the tallest Christmas tree ever, entered the Guinness Book of Records in 1991, with more than 800 lights and it is 650 meters high.

Once in Gubbio for its Christmas market, you can admire the tree, climbing on the Ferris Wheel of the North Pole. And you can also skate on the ice, before or after a stroll through the stalls of the historic center. If you are looking for a Tyrolean atmosphere in central Italy, the Christmas market of Gubbio will excite you as no other. Opening times: from 17 November 2017 to 7 January 2018.

Christmas markets in Campania

Among the Christmas markets in Italy, you can not miss those in the south of Italy. Among the many Christmas markets which are set up in Campania, we recommend you two of them. The first one, which is held all year round, is in Naples. The second one, unmissable for Christmas illumination lovers is in Salerno.

Naples Christmas market: San Gregorio Armeno

Different from the usual Christmas markets, the stands of S. Gregorio Armeno in Naples sell the characters of nativity scenes throughout the year. In the Christmas time, however, the air has a more magical light. Opening times: all year.

In what is known throughout the world as “the street of cribs” you can admire, in a blaze of lights and sparkles, the magnificent statues built by the masters of Neapolitan presepial art.

Among Christmas decorations, good luck amulets of all shapes and the scent of roast chestnuts, the market of S. Gregorio Armeno will enchant you with its monumental or tiny nativity scenes. To buy a special gift, which has the spirit of ancient traditions, the way of the cribs in Naples is unmatched.

A few steps away from Via San Gregorio Armeno, babà, sfogliatelle, mostaccioli and Rococo await you. All to be enjoyed, accompanied by a hot espresso coffee. Read more: Castles in Naples Italy, 5 sights to visit.

Salerno Christmas lights

How to miss an appointment that has become a reference point for Christmas lights lovers? With its Luci d’Artista, Salerno actually hosts every year an unimaginable spectacle for the eyes and the soul. Gardens that become luminous zoos, flying angels made of thousand microscopic lights, sparkling tunnels under which to pass to find you in front of carriages with horses made of colored lights too.

In short, there is a triumph of light that embellishes the Christmas markets in Salerno. Here you will find antiques, decorations, books, toys, local crafts for gift ideas of different price. 114 red gazebos where exhibitors welcome you with merchandise of all kinds. And so much wonder, with the eyes to the sky.

Opening times: from 8 December 2017 to 8 January 2018.

Choose Italy Christmas markets

Here we are at the end of our short guide to the Christmas markets in Italy. We have seen some of them, going from north to south. Each with its own peculiarity. Each with its incredible and magical atmosphere.

All you have to do now is just to choose your favorite one and plan a weekend to enjoy Christmas atmosphere. Among wooden houses, stalls full of beautiful things, scents of sweets and an amazing Christmas air, you can enjoy pleasant hours. Meanwhile, we wish you a safe journey and a peaceful, special Christmas with the people you love! And don’t forget to book your trip with Clab Service!


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