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Completely new travel experiences: here is a section of the blog dedicated to the travel experience topic. There are indispensable details to turn a car route in Italy into an unforgettable time. Here are the most searched services and routes:



The hard work of a Luxury Sedan

What is a Luxury Sedan? It is a limousine that, for its features and prestige, occupies a high or very high market segment. Among the European cars, belong to this category the Audi A8,  BMW7 and the Mercedes S Class. Generally, they are limousine longer versions than the ones of the same model, about 20/30 […]

Why is a chauffeured car hire service convenient?

Why is a chauffeured car hire service convenient? Italians choose more and more this kind of service. Why? The rediscovery of essential values such as safety, reliability and exclusivity. After all, facing a short or a long travel is not only a break to be forgotten in the conviction that the most important thing is […]

5 good reasons to take part to Men’s Fashion Week in Milan

Taking part to Milan Fashion Week means immersing oneself in what is considered as a reference point for all the news, trends and styles of the forthcoming months. Not by chance this event has been considered for many years as a pillar for enthusiasts and professionals of fashion. However that’s not the only point! Milan […]


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